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The Sugary Fixing on Treats

Icing, which is often called as frosting – is a covering or topping of food which is use to adorn baked stuffs especially on cakes and pastries. It is sweet as it is typically made with sugar base, whereas it can also be done with butter, egg whites or cream. It may also be used for beverages like frappuccino or cappuccino as a topping. Icing can be done in different colors and flavors and can also be form into fancy designs such as heart, flowers and others.

English: A chocolate cake decorated with icing...

English: A chocolate cake decorated with icing, strawberries, and silvery sugar beads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In medieval times, icing- a dusting of sugar- -was put on top of exquisite and sweet goodies: fish pies, for example. Icing has been popular since long time in Europe and in any case, the frosted cakes we are acquainted with today begun to rise in conspicuous form during the mid-17th century.

The first icing recipes were typically a bubbled unit of value of flavorings, egg whites, and sugar. This was first spread on the cake.

This cake has been cooked in the oven for a while and after it was removed, the icing rapidly cooled and turned into a lustrous and hard topping.

The primary icing recipe ever broadly perceived originated from Elizabeth Raffald in 1769 in the Experienced English Housekeeper based on the Food Timeline Website. Included history, Mrs. Fred W. Gurney made the initially positioned spread cream recipe. Fannie Farmer looks for some more recipes in 1918-1923.

Also with the headway of innovation, different styles of icing are now used in decorating muffins, cakes and baked goodies. Popular icing recipes such as chocolate icing, glace icing, butter icing, mocha icing etc. progressively are conceived. Icing can be gooey and thick and can look fluffy. Also, it can hold shapes like shells and rosettes. It is delicate to the touch and creamy!

Whether you call it icing or frosting, your term for this does not make any difference, nor does it influence your satisfaction in this sweet fixing on treats. The historical backdrop of this sugary treat about-faces hundreds of years!

So I am asking, what’s your favorite icing recipe? Mine is Ginger and Nut Cream Icing!

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Decorate your yummy baked treats with your favorite icing recipe!
  2. Make your stuff tastes great as well as looks great too!
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A lovely person like you is the icing on the birthday cake of life.
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Remember – The Sugary Fixing on Treats


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