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Free coffee and bread

Hey, it’s been a while since we mentioned our free coffee and bread offer at Killarney Vale Bakery. It’s quite simple really . . .

Viennese biscuits

We are pleased to announce our new range of Viennese biscuits caramel chocolate strawberry

5 Tips and tricks for making the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is a beverage that many of us struggle to get through a day without. Whether you need a cup first up to kick start your day, or like to relax with one after a meal there’s not much better than a great cup of coffee. That said, there’s not much worse than a bad […]

The Sugary Fixing on Treats

Icing, which is often called as frosting – is a covering or topping of food which is use to adorn baked stuffs especially on cakes and pastries. It is sweet as it is typically made with sugar base, whereas it can also be done with butter, egg whites or cream. It may also be used […]

The Rising of Espresso Culture

What is the most ideal way to explore the city and drench up unique barrio spirit? Go through bakeries and obviously make a visit on cafes! From a social point of view, cafes generally play a major role in social interaction. It gives social members a cool spot to gather, talk, read, compose, engross each […]

Here’s a Coffee to Amuse You

One of the top beverages most of us couldn’t resist on is coffee. There cannot be really an adult in this whole wide world who has never tried coffee even just for once!  It only proves that people love caffeine and that’s fine! Let me share these fascinating facts about Coffee that is really worth […]

Coffee and Doughnuts

Here is a doughnut round and fat, There’s a hole in the middle, but you can’t eat that.

Coffee Trivia

Coffee has a wonderful history as much as it is a delicious and heart-warming beverage.  Here are some very interesting facts and science about coffee that will delight you and expand your awareness of this revere bean. Coffee cultivation first took place in southern Arabia.  It was in the middle of the 15th century when […]

The Muffin Man

Oh, do you know the muffin man, The muffin man, the muffin man, Oh, do you know the muffin man, That lives on Drury Lane? Every time I see Muffins! I will surely be singing or humming this nursery rhyme song.  For me, nothing beats the wonderful blueberry muffins – these moist, full of juicy […]

With LOVE on Cake Decorating

A frequently sweet baked treat that is loved by most of us is definitely cakes. Cakes have been included in the human lifestyle for ages. It magically begins from the ancient Egyptians, to Roman and Greek period to early people of ages. Cakes were ones considered as a sign of seasonal nature of life, a […]