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Buttery Eggnog-ish Candied Popcorn Balls

I swear… the holidays bring out the best in me.

By the best, I’m specifically referring to each of the kitschy, crafty and resourceful Girl Scout badges I earned between the ages of 8 years and 16 years of age.

Those were some of my best years.

Let’s not call it peaking early because all you have to do is ring a holiday bell and all of those cross stitching, stained-glass-cookie-making, and popcorn crafting come bubbling right back to the surface like I haven’t ignored them for the last 50 weeks.

Introducing:  Eggnog-ish Popcorn Balls.  The edible craft you make with your hands and choose between wrapping as a gift or throwing at your sister.

A Choose Your Own Adventure gift or weapon…. at least that’s how it was advertised to me in the Girl Scout Handbook (this is an exaggeration at best, but still very funny to me… so I’m letting it ride).

Popcorn balls are essentially an edible decoration.

Like caramel corn you added nutmeg to and bunched together on purpose.

I mean… what more could you ask for (rhetorical)?

Shall we?

Here’s how these start:

Popcorn is popped (microwave or otherwise).

Gather sugar and corn syrup, water, and vanilla extract, vinegar, butter, salt, and fresh nutmeg!

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Source: Buttery Eggnog-ish Candied Popcorn Balls

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