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Blood Orange Vanilla Upside Down Cake. – How Sweet It Is

I have the best way for you to get it. In one delicious slice, covered with cold vanilla whipped cream!

You might want to sit down for this one.

When I was super young, we lived in this house that had a crawl space in the garage.

It was more than a crawl space – it was practically another room or attic-like storage spot that I could walk around in since I was so small.

My mom had some pantry items in there, things that wouldn’t spoil, and my earliest memory of being in that space is when she told me that a six-pack of coke bottles were going to be used for a pineapple upside down cake.

WhatI have zero idea why I remember THIS exact sentence, exactly where I was standing and how I can hear her voice saying it, but I don’t even think that’s a thing, is it?

Were coke bottles used for upside down cake?

I should probably just ask her, but since I’m the epitome of laziness, propped on the couch, watching the first season of Gilmore Girls (I’m hooked) and my phone is about four feet away, I’m going to skip the call.

I wonder if she meant to say “angel food cake” in that moment, because my secret old school brain semi-remembers that maybe THAT was a thing back in the day.

Cooling and angel food cake over a coke bottle? Was that a thing?

Yes, I’ve officially lost my mind and that was my very first memory of hearing about an upside down cake in life.

I don’t even think I tasted one for ten plus years later. At least!

I don’t LOVE pineapple upside down cake but I don’t hate it either.

I’m quite apathetic to it, in fact. I’d never choose it as dessert off a menu, but I also *might* take a few bites if it’s the only dessert available and I’m having extremely sweet teeth.

I’m pretty sure this is the exact definition of a FLAKE.

(Hold on, let me check.)

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Source: Blood Orange Vanilla Upside Down Cake. – How Sweet It Is

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