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Holiday baking ideas – Flourish – King Arthur Flour

Everything feels a little extra-special around the holidays. Fires feel cozier and kitchens are more welcoming. Strangers are friendly to one another, and there’s always music in the air. Is it just me, or does hot chocolate taste richer this time of year, too? It’s time to bring some of this festive elegance to your […]

Smoky Vanilla Bourbon Pretzels. – How Sweet It Is

Today we are solving all of your holiday snacking needs. I realize that these pretzels don’t look like much. In fact, they look like… pretzels. Plain old pretzels. But they totally are NOT plain old pretzels. Let me back up a minute. Confession time.

Caramelized Winter Fruit Stuffed Brie Cheese with a Pinot Poached Pear. – How Sweet It Is

Okay, so I get it. Most times I also just want a super easy, throw-together-on-the-fly appetizer that I can take to holiday parties. I don’t want something fussy, something that is going to take a million steps to prep OR something that is near impossible to transport to a friend’s house. I HEAR YA. But. […]

Chocolate Cream Pie

Holiday baking is in full force in my kitchen. It has become a tradition to bake and decorate cut-out cookies for the holiday season while watching utterly cheesy, although delightful, holiday films. This year produced a trio of cutout flavors—classic sugar cookies, chocolate sugar cookies, and gingerbread cookies. The entire process typically takes place over […]

Peppermint Cookies – My Baking Addiction

You know what I really love about this time of year? All the parties! I see them as opportunities to bake and share loads of cookies. I’m happy, the hosts are happy, and the guests certainly don’t seem to mind all the cookies, either. One of my favorite flavors around Christmas is peppermint. I’m not […]

Tuesday Things. – How Sweet It Is

1. How about this pumpkin layer cake with eggnog buttercream?! It’s only the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. 2. Um, my cookies? Don’t they look delicious up there? Well… they were. Until I baked them. I grabbed a round pizza sheet and even though it was clean, my cookies ended up tasting like garlicky […]

Bacon Butternut Arancini with Pumpkin Seed Pesto Dip. – How Sweet It Is

HELLO. I made you crunchy balls of gooey cheese. Can we be friends forever? I hope so. Guys! How was your weekend? How was your Thanksgiving, if you celebrated? I hosted Thanksgiving and I barely took one single photo. I can’t believe it. I also didn’t catch my house on fire or burn the stuffing […]

REESE’S Miniatures Snowman Candy Jars

Calling all peanut butter cup lovers!   I’m partnering with The Hershey Company this holiday season and getting crafty with candy.   I made the sweetest snowmen candy jars and you can make them too!   I’ll show you how easy they are with the help of REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures. REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups […]

Chocolate Eggnog Waffles – My Baking Addiction

I have something to tell you, and you might not want to hear it. Only six Fridays until Santa comes down the chimney. SIX. Me? I’m totally stoked by that fact. But I know there are lots of people that just started panicking that Christmas is right around the corner. I’m here to save the […]

Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars – Flourish – King Arthur Flour

Desserts don’t have to be difficult. That’s why I love mixes so much — they simplify the baking process and cut down on the list of ingredients you need to put it all together. Especially now that the holidays are upon us — when you’ve got company coming, whipping together some easy pumpkin cheesecake bars […]