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Blood Orange Vanilla Upside Down Cake. – How Sweet It Is

I have the best way for you to get it. In one delicious slice, covered with cold vanilla whipped cream! You might want to sit down for this one. When I was super young, we lived in this house that had a crawl space in the garage. It was more than a crawl space – […]

History of Baking and Pastry Cooking

HISTORY OF BAKING On today’s market there is a never ending variety of the most delicious sweets and pastries to please both the palate and the eyes. We have become so used to this diverse range of bread, mouth watering pastries and cakes that seldom we ask just how they come into existence.

The easiest Bruschetta you’ll ever make!

Bruschetta is a traditional Italian dish which is simple while being fresh and tasty. It’s the perfect Sunday lunch, BBQ side dish or actually anytime snack… There are many recipes for this dish in varying degrees of complexity and fanciness. They’re all delicious!  But, in keeping it real we thought you might like to have […]

Free coffee and bread

Hey, it’s been a while since we mentioned our free coffee and bread offer at Killarney Vale Bakery. It’s quite simple really . . .

Try our new brekky !

Try our new brekky ! What a delicious combination and a yummy start to the day! Poached eggs, baby spinach, roasted pine nuts, Muchies & avocado. All with your choice of bacon or smoked salmon. And dressed with feta and caramelized balsamic vinegar. Wow! See you soon down at Killarney Vale Bakery – for an […]

5 Tips and tricks for making the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is a beverage that many of us struggle to get through a day without. Whether you need a cup first up to kick start your day, or like to relax with one after a meal there’s not much better than a great cup of coffee. That said, there’s not much worse than a bad […]

Sophisticated Sandwiches – More mouth watering fillings for October

Last month we introduced you to the first in our regular series of scrumptious sandwich filling ideas. You’ve probably guessed we love baking bread, but we also enjoy eating it and think our bread is at its best when it’s encasing something very delicious. Indeed there are times when a peanut paste or Vegemite and […]

The Delights of Devonshire Tea

A cup of tea? How do you take it? Milk, sugar?…. Maybe a slice of lemon? I actually prefer my cup of tea served with a side of freshly baked scones, a smudge of jam and a dollop of cream! While going out for ‘coffee and cake’ has become quite the flavour, there’s something still […]

Burger – A Natural Wonder

Whatever is the value, hamburgers are really one of the unsurpassed most loved sustenance! In terms of eating away from home, no other treat mesmerize our plate or rule menus as much as the lustrous hamburger! Whether steamed, fried, char-grilled, cooked on the same sides, flame-broiled, cooked at once in slathered or double-sided griddles with […]

The Sugary Fixing on Treats

Icing, which is often called as frosting – is a covering or topping of food which is use to adorn baked stuffs especially on cakes and pastries. It is sweet as it is typically made with sugar base, whereas it can also be done with butter, egg whites or cream. It may also be used […]