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30 Minute Asian Chicken Soup. – How Sweet It Is

It’s disguised as a hug.

It is!

I swear.

This is a big deal.

There are no noodles in this soup! I didn’t even realize it until I was halfway done testing the recipe.

I actually meant to add noodles but my new years brain is completely fried and before I knew it, I saw a bunch of green, took a taste, and was all… perfection.

It’s perfection.

As long as you like mushrooms!

If you don’t, you can totally leave them out. You can actually put whatever the heck you want in this pot. Even noodles.

I won’t judge.

This one though?

It almost reminds me of a big bowl of ramen without the, well… ramen.

You know.

The toppings are necessary for me. They MAKE the soup. We have:

A spritz of lime.

Soy sauce or tamari.

Toasted sesame oil. I could just drink it!

A splash of rice vinegar.

And a sprinkle of furikake.

I dieeee.

We also gotta talk about how awesome this soup is for this time of year.

This past weekend, I came down with the flu.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu before, like the real, legit flu, and alllll I wanted in life was a bowl of this soup, after I woke from the dead after 48 hours.

It’s calming and delicious and seriously full of vegetables which I don’t even notice because the flavor is fantastic.

And the best part is that the flavor is sort of up to you with all of those toppings.

More sesame?

Yes of course.

You can put whateverrr you want on it.

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Source: 30 Minute Asian Chicken Soup. – How Sweet It Is

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