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Free coffee and bread

Hey, it’s been a while since we mentioned our free coffee and bread offer at Killarney Vale Bakery. It’s quite simple really . . .

Try our new brekky !

Try our new brekky ! What a delicious combination and a yummy start to the day! Poached eggs, baby spinach, roasted pine nuts, Muchies & avocado. All with your choice of bacon or smoked salmon. And dressed with feta and caramelized balsamic vinegar. Wow! See you soon down at Killarney Vale Bakery – for an […]

Post your Community Announcements here

Post your Community Announcements here We place a high value on Supporting our Local Community. As far as is possible, we always use local suppliers. And we support local organisations and charities by publishing Community Announcements in our website We will also send the announcements to our email subscribers. Please encourage your members and friends […]

Viennese biscuits

We are pleased to announce our new range of Viennese biscuits caramel chocolate strawberry

5 Tips and tricks for making the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is a beverage that many of us struggle to get through a day without. Whether you need a cup first up to kick start your day, or like to relax with one after a meal there’s not much better than a great cup of coffee. That said, there’s not much worse than a bad […]

So, what’s your favourite?

We’ve certainly left behind the times when you’d beg Mum for a white bread sandwich…. because the only other option really was brown. They were certainly simple days, but now walking into a bakery is being completely spoilt for choice! So many different types and varieties of breads to choose from,  almost too difficult for […]

5 ways of using left over bread!

Bread that’s gone beyond its best-by is often overlooked because we all know bread is much more delicious when fresh and fluffy! But if your household is anything like ours…. there are quite often times when the last few pieces of a loaf are no longer sandwich-friendly. Disposing of them though would be such a […]

Sophisticated Sandwich Fillings – November sensations here!

We’re back again with some more sensational ideas for simply scrumptious sandwiches! It’s is our third installment of this monthly series and hopefully by now you’ve been leaving the peanut butter on the shelf sometimes, just to treat yourself to something a little more decadent and delicious! No theme or pattern to this month’s selection […]

So how does bread actually rise?

Most of the world’s population eats some bread, in some form or another, and it’s a food that’s been around for centuries. But how many people take the time to stop and think about exactly how bread is made? Even if you’ve experimented with bread making at home and are aware of the ingredients in […]

A quick guide to catering for an event

Organising an event or function can be overwhelming for even the most experienced host. There’s usually so much needing to be organised and knowing what and how much food to prepare is one of the biggest challenges for anyone planning a do. View image | Outsourcing any of the event preparations you can is […]