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My Kind of Tart

Looking for some pastry that is similar to a pie and has a mouthwatering filling made up from pastry dough bottom?

A single or a double crusted custard tart? YUMMM!

Now, let’s take a look at the custard tart’s olden days and how it emerged.

Egg Custard Tarts from Golden Gate Bakery in S...The evolution of custard tart is so passionately linked with pie that it comes from the old French word “croustade” which means a kind of pie. In the Middle Ages, custard tarts were also called doucettes and darioles and in 1339, King Henry IV included the name “doucettys”.

Generally, medieval recipes are usually composed of a puffed up pastry crust battered with milk, cream, or with egg broth, added up by honey or sugar to make it sweet and others add spices to make a distinctive flavour. These recipes emerged on the fourteenth century and as time goes by, we identify it as a custard tart. Custard tarts with almond milk are popular to wealthy families and were also served on religious activities like in Lenten season. Commonly in Medieval England, they combine savoury and sweet ingredients to make tarts more appealing to the taste. They add ingredients like beef marrow or minced pork.

Moving forward, custard tarts today are made from short pastry crust, eggs, milk or cream, sugar and vanillas topped with nuts and baked and are naturally served at room temperature unlike egg tarts. You can also enjoy tarts with different sizes such as an 8 cm by 3″ across for one serving, or you can go and share it with friends by larger tarts with several slices.

We can say that custard tarts were really legendary among every one of us, as its attractive taste spread all over the world with varieties of flavours and different versions you will enjoy. Here in Australia, we simply called it Custard Tart with no jam or fruit or other decoration, simply sprinkled nutmeg lightly on top is enough to make it a part of our sweet and tasty childhood experience.

I love Custard Tarts! It’s a real sweetheart.

So, I’m asking, what’s your kind of tart?

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Have your tarts… and eat it! Best partner? A cup of tea!
  2. It’s taste is simply irresistible partner hot drinks perfectly!
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Killarney Vale Bakery now.


I’d so happy to be sitting at my desk, eating a tart and keying away… Nothing would please me more
~ Ray Burrows

Remember – My Kind of Tart



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