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A Snack – Not Just Baked Once, but Twice!

Remember the inspiring story about the burned biscuits?  Let me tell you again in my own simple way; the story starts with a family about to have dinner, and the mother placed a plate of sausage, eggs and extremely burned biscuits which the father ate without complaining.  And when the mother apologised to the father […]

My Kind of Tart

Looking for some pastry that is similar to a pie and has a mouthwatering filling made up from pastry dough bottom? A single or a double crusted custard tart? YUMMM! Now, let’s take a look at the custard tart’s olden days and how it emerged.

Why does bread go stale in the fridge?

Many foods require refrigeration to keep them fresh and extend the shelf life. But bread is not one of them, and here is the reason why . . .