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Let’s Talk about BAKERY!

Exploring a new city can be as good as cracking into a Bakery! The charm of its sweetness has transcontinental appeal – that means locals are pledged to surround you, and the baked goodies offered a reflection to ones culture. Baked food A baker’s shop or a bakery is an establishment that sells and provides baked products such as pies, cakes, bread and pastries.

Bakeries can extend a small business, specializing in one or two recipes, into a large manufacturing bake shops that cater food retailers with packaged baked goods.

Some of the bakeries worldwide are also cafes, serving tea and coffee to guests who wish to visit and ate baked goods on the bounds.

Some of the bakeries also cater services for fun and special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other events; for example, delivering hot and cold platters and fresh orange juice or other beverage to business offices, events in schools or important meeting.

Bakery shops can offer a wide variety of cake layouts like wedding cakes, sheet cakes, tiered cakes, layered cakes and more.

Other bake shops may specialize in hand-made types or traditional types of bread.

Way back in ancient history

Way back in ancient history, baked goods have evolved for thousands of years.

During the early Roman Empire, the art of baking had emerged.

It was considered a highly popular art as Roman people loved baked goods and frequently request for them for special and important occasions such as weddings, feast etc.

In 168 BC in Rome, the first baker’s guild was formed and the oncoming appeal for baked goods earnestly continued.

Around 300 BC – because of the popularity and desire that the art of baking had perceived, baking was known as respectable profession and high occupation for Romans.

The bakers then began to bake breads at home using mills to grind grains for their breads or an oven.

This fame and desire for baked goods were became known all throughout Western countries and made its way into the eastern parts of Asia.

Bakers then, started to bake goods and breads at home and hit the streets. This trend became well-know and soon, baked goodies were getting consumed and sold in the streets or Germany, Rome and London and many more.

It then leads into an order of delivering the baked products to households, as the needs for breads and other baked goods increased. Because of this, bakers established a place where people could buy and indulge baked goodies for themselves.

For that reason, the first open-air bakery shop was developed and recorded in Paris and that bakeshops goodness spread all the around the world!

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

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Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has obviously never shopped in a bakery. ~ Unknown

Remember – Let’s Talk about BAKERY!

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