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How to bake for good – Flourish – King Arthur Flour

Bake for good isn’t just an empty phrase here at King Arthur Flour.

It’s something we do constantly, baking and sharing with one another, our local food pantry, and our fellow citizens at regular meals for the hungry.

And we’ll be stepping up our efforts next month, since October is Bake for Good Month.

Baking outreach is also something we do nationwide.

In fact, we’ve taught over 300,000 kids how to bake bread — and how to share with those less fortunate, as well.

We bring our Bake for Good: Kids program to middle-school children at over 200 schools around the country each year.

We show the kids how to make our simple Everyday Whole-Grain Bread, then give them everything they need to go home and bake two loaves themselves.

Next day, the kids return to school with one of the two loaves, wrapped up and ready to deliver to a local food pantry.

Not only do these impressionable 11- and 12-year-olds learn to bake bread — they see what a difference they can make for needy people in their own community.

Baking and sharing is your chance to make a difference in someone’s life — one loaf, one cookie, one muffin at a time.

The instructions below are what we share with our middle-schoolers.

If you have a child at home, we encourage you to include him or her in the process, walking yourselves through the steps in this post.

Or watching our Bake for Good: Kids video.

But if you’re a seasoned baker and simply want to put the dough together your own way (mixer, bread machine, etc.), feel free.

It’s the end result that counts, and that end result is very satisfactory indeed.

Start with top-quality whole wheat flour.

Kids love our white whole wheat, with its mild flavor and light color; it’s my favorite whole wheat flour as well.

Yeast is just as important as flour, so choose the best.

The kids in our program use Red Star Platinum, a vigorous instant yeast that Red Star generously provides free of charge for our classes.

Check your supermarket’s dair case to find packets of this strong and reliable yeast.

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