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Honeycrisp Old Fashioned. | How Sweet It Is

Specially, honeycrisp apple season.

More specifically, apple cider season.

Why must honeycrisp season be so short?

I swear in two weeks, they will be GONE.

Must use them in as many ways as possible right this instant.

Honeycrisp overload, here we come.

Earlier this week I introduced Max to honeycrisp apples.

He had them last year, but I often roasted them or pan-roasted them in some cider with cinnamon for dessert.

He LOVED those. But now he is older and decided that whoa! – apples are like balls and he’s just going to throw them (um, no), I had to share my honeycrisp love.

So he’d eat them instead of throw them.

It’s kind of working. Kind of.

He absolutely loves them. BUT.

He loves tossing them around. Like whyyyy?

He now knows how to go into the fridge and find the apple gold in my crisper drawer so I need a new plan.


But let’s move on to the more grown up side of things because I just might have made a honeycrisp syrup.

A homemade honeycrisp syrup. !!!!!!

This warrants an asinine amount of exclamation points.

I was hesitant about using a syrup in a old fashioned, but to my surprise, tons of recipes that I looked at used simple syrup. Many used the classic bitters + sugar muddle in the bottom too, which is what I am used to.

This made me feel better because, you know, when you’re uneasy about anything in your life, you turn to google to see what the rest of the world says.

And boom – you’re cured/dying/normal/a freak.

This may be my signature fall cocktail for 2016.

I always lean towards apple cider margaritas or sangria, but this is just so simple, so warming, so delightful.

And that honeycrisp syrup is fabulous on ALL THE THINGS.

Seriously. Just make that. Promise?

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Source: Honeycrisp Old Fashioned. | How Sweet It Is

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