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With LOVE on Cake Decorating

A frequently sweet baked treat that is loved by most of us is definitely cakes.

Cakes have been included in the human lifestyle for ages. It magically begins from the ancient Egyptians, to Roman and Greek period to early people of ages. Cakes were ones considered as a sign of seasonal nature of life, a symbol of a true well being, served as a form of good fortune and were used in religious festivities. 

Choklit carrot cake-scubadive67It was true that people have devoured cakes at all significant times in their lives.

Now in this modern human level, people enjoy eating cakes with different flavors, twists and also with different designs as well.Nothing can compare to the feeling when sharing a mouthwatering and delicious piece of you favorite flavored cake.

Making a cake so special can be made by design or a lovely layered cake. Just think about the flavours, texture and what filling would go well with it. Making the last touches wraps it up! We can have it served with easy decoration just like the ones below:

With the use of nuts – toasted or candied nuts can be so amazing on some flavors of cake just like carrot cake. Just simply chopped it finely and pressed it into its sides or along the edge. It will surely add good texture and flavor to your cake. How cool is that?

Fruit –everyone can love it especially when it’s glazed with syrup or piled on top of your cake. Just be sure to serve your cake an hour or less after decorating it to prevent fruits from frosting.

Flowers – These fresh savory flowers can make easy and gorgeous garnishes. Just simply top a plain / frosted cake sprinkled with sugar with lavender, calendulas, sweet violets or Johnny-jump ups.  You can also add whipped cream to get flowers off the cake’s surface. Arrange it just like a floral arrangement.Who have guessed it can perfectly go with your lovely cake?

And there you have it! Make sure it was made with love. I’m sure everyone would crave for a bite!

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. Sit with a comfy chair and enjoy every moment of your lovely creation.
  2. Best partner? A cup of tea!
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Killarney Vale Bakery now.


I am inclined to think that cakes and ale prevail most freely in times that are perilous and when sources of sorrow abound.
Anthony Trollope

Remember – With LOVE on Cake Decorating



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