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The Olden Days of Sweets

When I think of sweet dishes, I imagine a huge mountain of creamy ice-creams in chocolate and vanilla topped with nuts, honey, caramel and syrup. Luxuriously with a big wafer or flake dipped into the center. I just can’t resist my sweet cravings!!  Have you ever wonder how desserts exist?

The term “dessert” got its name from the French word “desservir” which literally means “to clear the table”. Although eastern cultures refer to it as “sweets” or “pudding”, in western cultures, they use the term “dessert” to conclude a meal. Typically, it is a sweet course that removes the aftertaste of a meal and replaces it with a sweet taste.

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Sweets have emerged throughout the ages. It dates back to ancient times where people just enjoy nuts, honeycomb or dried fruits which were considered as the ‘first candies’.  In the middle Ages, when sugar became known and used as a “spice”, more and more sweet dishes became available. As sugar was so expensive at that time, only the wealthy families could treat themselves on special occasions.

The Romans discovered that eggs could be used for binding, nevertheless custard cakes evolved in the Middle Ages. Ice cream, which can be dated back to 3000 BC is considered to be the “dessert” in the modern or recent sense of the term. We had known that ice creams were originally made from Europe as Marco Polo in his travels expanded his technique, but as recorded in the history, Ice cream was said to be a Chinese creation. Vanilla also plays a major role in many desserts, including ice cream. It was said that by 1800’s many recipes for how to make an ice cream became very well-known.

In 1381, the first apple pie ingredients and procedures were printed and in 1740, the first ingredients of the cupcake were recorded.  Furthermore, it has been said that the Italians have been eating panettone (a type of sweet bread originally came from Milan) since the 15th century, but its history is still unknown in legend. The first sweets in history just required minimal preparation or effort since old cultures were more focused on their nutrition in order for them to survive.

Desserts also brought a major role in manufacturing. The Industrial Revolution in Europe and America change the form sweets and all the foods into processed, preserved, canned, mass-produce and packaged. Desserts just as other types of food, represents certain ethnic regions and cultures. For example, bread and butter symbolize the English and tiramisu is exclusively Italian. The history of sweets is more than just a mere storytelling of the first ice cream made or the first meringue served.

Nowadays, as technology rises, desserts became more popular and appealing to us. Modern people have more options in choosing which dessert is to indulge for.  Cravings for sweets allowed for more widespread distribution of any kinds of desserts for more affordable prices which you can enjoy worldwide!!

So, I’m asking… What kind of gooey or dessert delight your sweet tooth?

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. When your meal finishes, savor every second of eating your fickle taste favorite dessert!
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Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

~ Loretta Laroche


Remember – The Olden Days of Sweets



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