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The Bakehouse Brunch: Classic Hurricane and Brandy Milk Punch

Let’s get down to the magical part of Brunch.

The weekend loophole that has us cocktailing along with our coffee!

I’m so thrilled you’ve joined me in this Bakehouse Brunch endeavor.

Today we’re taking two New Orleans classics: The Classic Hurricane and the Brandy Milk Punch and making them afternoon enjoyable.

Fruity sweet and creamy decadent because we love options with our Brunch.  It’s been absolutely incredible to partner with KitchenAid to bring you this Brunch series and share my dream kitchen with you.

They make products that have made my kitchen even that much more fun and functional!

This, their 15” Automatic Ice Maker and Undercounter Refrigerator both make my little bar corner come to life!

It’s really wonderful having this functioning entertaining space where people can gather and help themselves to drinks and cocktails while I’m in the kitchen baking away.

It’s all about making people feel welcome, comfortable, and self-reliant in my space.

Aka: come on in, make yourself at home, go get yourself a cocktail and come help me in the kitchen!

It’s all just a dream.

I say all of this to say that KitchenAid products have elevated my joy in the kitchen AND I get to share that with you!

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Source: The Bakehouse Brunch: Classic Hurricane and Brandy Milk Punch

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