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S’mores French Toast. | How Sweet It Is

I s’mored your french toast.

I did it.

I went ahead and did it.

Trashed up breakfast is my middle name.

A few weeks ago, my friend Kristen instagrammed a picture of s’mores French toast and IMMEDIATELY I was like… that has to happen.

It’s happening.

I couldn’t wait one more second so I actually made it the next day.

Sometimes I get a recipe bug like that in my mind and can’t rest until it’s done.

And it didn’t disappoint. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be into it.

That there would be a whole slew of texture issues, that it would be too sweet, that it would be way too trashy and that it just might not WORK.

Like melty marshmallow and bread? Sounds weird.

But guess what. It WORKED.

The bread is dipped in an egg + cream mixture and then coated in graham cracker crumbs for some crunch. Whoooaaa.

This is so delicious.

How can I even make regular french toast again?

It also wasn’t an entirely new process or idea to my brain, because you might remember ages ago (like a billion years).

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Source: S’mores French Toast. | How Sweet It Is

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