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Our favorite monkey bread for fall – Flourish – King Arthur Flour

Monkey bread, pull-apart loaf… chop bread?

Yes, there’s a new way to make everyone’s favorite party bread.

Rather than laboriously divvy a mound of dough into individual bits, round each piece into a ball, and stack in a pan, I give you chop bread: a gloriously messy, supremely easy free-form method of making stuffed bread for a crowd.

With fresh, crisp apples appearing at the farm stand, my thoughts turn to baking with fall’s favorite fruit.

And since fruit and cheese go together like pie and ice cream, I’m pairing apples with my favorite sharp cheese, Cabot cheddar.

Of course, when you say Cabot cheddar, you’ve said a delicious mouthful. With their newest lines — Founders’ Collection and Farmers’ Legacy — Cabot takes cheddar to a whole new plane.

All of their many cheddars offer subtle differences in flavor and texture, from crumbly and super-sharp to soft and smooth.

But it’s not just Cabot’s cheese that sets this business apart. Cabot, a neighbor of ours up here in Vermont, is also the first cheesemaker and dairy cooperative to become a certified B Corp — a designation King Arthur Flour shares.

As mission-driven businesses, we’re both devoted to social and environmental excellence, not just the bottom line.

Speaking of the bottom line, today’s is all about flavor.

Taste this cider-glazed Apple Cheddar Chop Bread, see how simple it is to toss together … and never monkey around with your party bread again.

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Source: Our favorite monkey bread for fall – Flourish – King Arthur Flour

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