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Christmas Morning Mimosas. – How Sweet It Is

Merry merry!

Determined to get you in the holiday spirit, I’m serving you a cocktail so full of festive sparkle that you can’t resist.

I have a ridiculously, embarrassingly easy recipe for you today, but it brings me so much joy that I couldn’t NOT share it!

If you’ve been following along with my 12 days of Christmas videos, you probably know that last year, I shot this recipe at the last minute and the photos were a mess.

It wasn’t something that I could reshoot and I was just…

DONE with 2015 at that point, so I figured that I’d wait a year and see if I still was into the drink.

Spoiler alert:

I am!


Aren’t these just adorably fun and cute?

I don’t love mimosas with orange juice (unless it’s blood orange) and often prefer them with grapefruit juice over anything else.

And while I never drink cranberry juice on its own, I love the mix of the juice with the champagne.

It’s the perfect combo of tart and sweetness.

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Source: Christmas Morning Mimosas. – How Sweet It Is

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