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Catering and Events Planning

Catering for an event can be overwhelming; whether it is for a company meeting, wedding, birthdays, social parties or providing meals for a certain institution; there are ways to simplify your catering and save money at the same time.  But with such a large variety of catering available it is difficult to decide on which is the best for your guests.

Let us share some simple but effective ways to help you; starting with discussing the different types of catering to consider for the event which you are planning.  Each of these types of catering has also a different type of planning, pricing and ordering process; and being aware of all these will help you plan your menu choices and also enable you to save time and money on ordering.


6758757633_e712811baaThese are for large scale parties such as weddings, anniversaries, receptions and birthdays.  This type of catering involves the presentation and service of the food as well as different aspects of event planning.  Catering for such events makes a huge impact for that exceptional day and also for the special guests attending.  As a host, you want to make sure that everyone eats and celebrates well.


These are catering done for business meetings, business lunches, office training sessions, conferences, corporate parties and large regional events.  For this type of catering, the challenge is to have great food delivered on site which can save time and money while allowing the management to focus on more important business.  The most popular business or corporate caterings are breakfasts, box lunches and buffets.


Seasonal or major public events such as providing meals for public and private institutions such as: schools, hospitals, prisons, factories, universities, and airlines; where you will find lots of people and a lot of catered food.  Planning for this large event is very important and having the right menu choices for the audience is essential.

Now that we have discussed the most popular type of catering, the following points can serve as a guideline for you to keep in mind when you order for your next special event:


The most important factor to anyone’s catering cost is based on how many guests are coming; by knowing the number of guests before contracting a caterer will help in estimating your budget and plan specific menu without the hassle of changes at the last minute.

    • You may think that catering only comes one way, but a good professional caterer will have several options for you to have your food delivered such as:
    • Pick-up – this is an option that will work for you if you are on a tight budget or if you want to save time on a rush order.  This means picking up the food you ordered at the caterer’s location.
    • Drop-off – this type of delivery method is commonly requested for corporate or concession/industrial catering, wherein the food are placed in disposable containers and the caterer simply delivers them to the venue.
    • Display Catering – the caterer will prepare the tables including the linens, glasses, tableware, silverware, center display pieces and food serving; this catering option iscommon for social buffet banquets and other special events.
    • Full Service Catering – this method includes display catering and you may have the option of having the food professionally served and cooked on site.

This is more on the event planning part where you caterers offer items to add and enhance your event such as: decorations, linen, china, servers, on-site chefs, sound systems, DJ/Emcee and more.


For most caterers, pricing for the packages is determined on the price per person.  An easy way to project a budget is to know the total amount you want to spend and divide it by your estimated guest count; this way, you get more for your money and will help the caterer give you a suitable package and pricing for your event.

Well, that is quite simple really!


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