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Orange Ginger Pear and Quince Crisp – My Baking Addiction

Hi guys! I’m Gina from Running to the Kitchen where I share healthier, seasonal focused recipes, a lot of sarcasm and my obsession with my dog, Ginger (weimaraners rule!). Psyched to be hanging out here today and sharing this orange ginger pear and quince crisp with you. I’m not much of a rule follower in […]

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

The past few weeks have been a haze of grading papers, tough conversations, and long walks beneath autumn streaked trees. I was at the doctor’s office recently and received discouraging news, the words painting a picture of a long road ahead. I am fine right now—healthy, even—but it might not be that way forever. We all […]

Maple Caramel Corn – My Baking Addiction

I’m wondering lately if it’s just me. This time of year, when the air turns crisp, and the fall colors start to pop out, all I want to do in the evening is cozy up with my little babe and hubby, a fun night of family TV, and snacks we’ll all love. That’s where the […]

Caramel Apple Blondies – My Baking Addiction

Caramel apple blondies with an easy caramel frosting and topped with pecans for a delicious autumnal treat. With a gluten-free option. Caramel apple treats are my favorite thing about fall. As soon as September strikes, all I want to do is bake apple-based everything, like this caramel apple cheesecake crisp or caramel apple cake. One […]

Vegan Chocolate Malt | Minimalist Baker Recipes

You get a malt. You get a malt. You get a malt. Everybody gets as malt! Don’t mind me. I just think saying things in an Oprah voice will never not be funny. Did you know I used to be an ice cream scooper?

Pudding cake: Saucy, spectacular desserts from Sift

Through a clever bit of kitchen magic, pudding cakes create their own sauce as they bake. They’re transformed from ordinary cake batter to surprising, saucy delight. You can bake them as one large cake, or in individual dishes. These self-saucing sweets combine the very best parts of cake and pudding in one creative dessert.

Strawberry Coconut Granola | Minimalist Baker Recipes

Do you have any embarrassing childhood cereal obsessions? My ultimate indulgence was Fruity Pebbles, then came Lucky Charms, and later, Frosted Mini Wheats. And when I was in college I developed a thing for Special K with Strawberries. Are you sensing a pattern?

Fig Oatmeal Bars

I escaped to the mountains. An end of summer restlessness has been holding me close the last few weeks, and I needed an escape before the school year started up again. A breath of fresh mountain air and a few handfuls of ripe mountain cherries felt like the cure.

Peach Crumb Bars – My Baking Addiction

I normally go for bar recipes that use the same mixture for the crust and topping, like these caramel apple cheesecake bars. They’re just simpler! Having one less bowl to clean is always a good thing, right?

Chewy Oatmeal Zucchini Cookies. | How Sweet It Is

Eddie says no. When I asked if he wanted a zucchini cookie, he looked at me like I had five heads. I kind of wish I had five heads because that would be five mouths and more room for COOKIES. So I did it. I put vegetables in a cookie. That makes these a health […]