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Ancient History and – Pompeian Bakeries

Buying bread rather than making it at home was as common for the Romans as it is today-if the evidence of Pompeii is to be believed. Much is known about recipes for ancient bread from surviving texts- but not how bread was baked on a commercial scale in towns.

Types of bread

There are many different types of bread. This page lists many of them, including many popular international types of bread . . .

The Nibble: Different Types Of Bread

Do you know your bread? Different Types Of Bread This is page 2 of a 9-page glossary of the many different types of bread. Here, discover breads including arepas, bialys and brioche.

Bakery technology – History of bread

What do you know about the history of bread – this staple that you eat every day? The history of bread: from prehistory until tomorrow Look at bread: it is the history of the humanity which you contemplate.

Cookies and Cream Puff Pastry Doughnuts. | How Sweet It Is

I did something wonderfully terrible. AGAIN. Perhaps I should say terribly wonderful? You pick. GUYS. Freaking puff pastry donuts. Puff pastry! It’s so simple. SO easy.

Shhh. Our 3 Trade Secrets to Baking Great Bread.

Many people equate baking bread to rocket science and think it’s all too hard to bake a good loaf. Truthfully, when you know what you’re doing and are armed with the right knowledge it’s possibly easier than you think and also very rewarding. While we love baking and supplying you with your daily bread, we […]

So, what’s your favourite?

We’ve certainly left behind the times when you’d beg Mum for a white bread sandwich…. because the only other option really was brown. They were certainly simple days, but now walking into a bakery is being completely spoilt for choice! So many different types and varieties of breads to choose from,  almost too difficult for […]

5 ways of using left over bread!

Bread that’s gone beyond its best-by is often overlooked because we all know bread is much more delicious when fresh and fluffy! But if your household is anything like ours…. there are quite often times when the last few pieces of a loaf are no longer sandwich-friendly. Disposing of them though would be such a […]

So how does bread actually rise?

Most of the world’s population eats some bread, in some form or another, and it’s a food that’s been around for centuries. But how many people take the time to stop and think about exactly how bread is made? Even if you’ve experimented with bread making at home and are aware of the ingredients in […]

Sophisticated Sandwiches – More mouth watering fillings for October

Last month we introduced you to the first in our regular series of scrumptious sandwich filling ideas. You’ve probably guessed we love baking bread, but we also enjoy eating it and think our bread is at its best when it’s encasing something very delicious. Indeed there are times when a peanut paste or Vegemite and […]