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The Rising of Espresso Culture

What is the most ideal way to explore the city and drench up unique barrio spirit? Go through bakeries and obviously make a visit on cafes! From a social point of view, cafes generally play a major role in social interaction. It gives social members a cool spot to gather, talk, read, compose, engross each […]

Here’s a Coffee to Amuse You

One of the top beverages most of us couldn’t resist on is coffee. There cannot be really an adult in this whole wide world who has never tried coffee even just for once!  It only proves that people love caffeine and that’s fine! Let me share these fascinating facts about Coffee that is really worth […]

Rolls, Rolls, Rolls!

Ah! Sausage Rolls. One of the most common member of the picnic baskets, lunch boxes and, surprisingly, buffet tables! Have you ever wondered where they originated? Some say that the idea Sausage Rolls came from the flaky or puff pastries of the European. One of the most common and famous flaky pastry of the Europeans […]

Let’s Talk about BAKERY!

Exploring a new city can be as good as cracking into a Bakery! The charm of its sweetness has transcontinental appeal – that means locals are pledged to surround you, and the baked goodies offered a reflection to ones culture.

The Olden Days of Sweets

When I think of sweet dishes, I imagine a huge mountain of creamy ice-creams in chocolate and vanilla topped with nuts, honey, caramel and syrup. Luxuriously with a big wafer or flake dipped into the center. I just can’t resist my sweet cravings!!  Have you ever wonder how desserts exist? The term “dessert” got its […]

Looking for Something Fun to Eat?

Isn’t it lovely to begin a meal with some succulent or delicious finger-licking appetizers that enables you to mingle around with others with ease? Finger foods were one of the most popular dishes that are served in such occasions like birthday, cocktail parties, weddings and other memorable events with a no need for becoming too […]

The Muffin Man

Oh, do you know the muffin man, The muffin man, the muffin man, Oh, do you know the muffin man, That lives on Drury Lane? Every time I see Muffins! I will surely be singing or humming this nursery rhyme song.  For me, nothing beats the wonderful blueberry muffins – these moist, full of juicy […]

A Snack – Not Just Baked Once, but Twice!

Remember the inspiring story about the burned biscuits?  Let me tell you again in my own simple way; the story starts with a family about to have dinner, and the mother placed a plate of sausage, eggs and extremely burned biscuits which the father ate without complaining.  And when the mother apologised to the father […]

With LOVE on Cake Decorating

A frequently sweet baked treat that is loved by most of us is definitely cakes. Cakes have been included in the human lifestyle for ages. It magically begins from the ancient Egyptians, to Roman and Greek period to early people of ages. Cakes were ones considered as a sign of seasonal nature of life, a […]

Bakery and Café

As a child, I was a big fan of local bakeries I would remember a time when I would eat brownies with lots of walnuts on top or eat cakes and pastries to my taste bud’s desire; Strawberry cakes with the taste of real fresh strawberries, Blueberry Cheesecake baked to perfection topped with fresh blueberries, […]