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Bowl of Food: Thai Beef with Fresh Vegetables

There’s something about a bowl of food that feels more sustaining, more comforting, more sincere than a flat ol’ plate of food.

It’s ample, piled, and without pretensions- layering what might be the last of the rice in the pantry with what likely are almost-forgotten vegetables in the refrigerator into something special, someway somehow.

Sure, we’ll pick up some fresh ground beef at the grocery, or a knob of fresh ginger if we’re out… but the root of these bowl-of-food meals is that we’re using what we have while we have it, making a whole lotta something from what we might have thought was not much at all. For the next few months I’ll be offering Bowl of Food dinner ideas.

The hope is that we’ll build our pantry with staples that can turn forgotten fridge items into dinner.

What’s in your fridge?

It might just be dinner, undone.

Here’s what’s in this Bowl of Food:

•  Ground beef we’ll cook to browned and crispy with fresh garlic and ginger and chilis.

If you something like ground turkey or ground chicken or firm tofu I would encourage you do go for it!

•  Rice. I used jasmine rice cooked to fluffy in salted water.

Maybe you’ve got brown rice, sushi rice, leftover Chinese take-out rice, or that frozen rice that comes in plastic packs at Trader Joe’s.

Maybe even quinoa, or farro!

Take whatcha got and go!

• Base sauce flavors are: soy sauce, fish sauce, a good pinch of salt, and lime juice.

Sriracha for extra credit.

We’re hitting salty, sweet, bright, and umami flavors all in once sauce.

•  Fresh vegetables: a solid combination of what you have wilting in your refrigerator + fresh radishes you bought from the store + some sprouts maybe + fresh basil and garlic and ginger definitely.

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Source: Bowl of Food: Thai Beef with Fresh Vegetables

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