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Banana Cream Pie Doughnuts

Banana Cream Pie is my favorite…  actually, hold please… if you had a Coconut Cream Pie in your fridge I could be persuaded to flip.

It wouldn’t take much, obviously.

Add the word Cream to most any dessert and I’m there with a hot pot of coffee.

A few weeks ago I made a Chocolate Bottom Banana Cream Pie.

It was a thing of dreams until I got carried away, adding too much bourbon to the pudding.

Delicious, but the pudding wouldn’t set.

Delicious, but the pie wasn’t super slice-able.

Delicious if you were one of the few friends who came over and just ate it with forks straight from the pie pan.

When it comes to bourbon, more is too much.

So! Forget the pie plate.

I’m putting banana cream pie filling inside fresh-fried doughnuts.

Apie and doughnut hybrid the logical next step, right?

This is a baking adventure.

To be sure.

We’re making doughnuts, pudding, aaand cream.

This is a lot, so fun, and totally worth the effort.

I don’t want you to think I just hang around my house on any given Wednesday and whip up these donuts in a flash.

This is involved.

Call your friends! Make it a kitchen adventure with mega reward you can enjoy together!

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