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A Snack – Not Just Baked Once, but Twice!

Remember the inspiring story about the burned biscuits?  Let me tell you again in my own simple way; the story starts with a family about to have dinner, and the mother placed a plate of sausage, eggs and extremely burned biscuits which the father ate without complaining.  And when the mother apologised to the father regarding burning the biscuits; the father only said: “Baby, I love your burned biscuits”

The moral of the story is telling everyone that life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people; it also talks about learning to accept each other’s faults and celebrating each other’s difference.Empathy and compassion are the most important ways to create a healthy and lasting relationship.

Freshly baked ANZAC biscuits. Note that these ...

Freshly baked ANZAC biscuits. Note that these were made without dessicated coconut, which is a traditional ingredient. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is just a food for thought.

Going back to the biscuit, the wordcomes from the French meaning twice-cooked; derived from the Latin word bis (twice) and coquere or coctus (to cook or cooked).  Originally, biscuits were cooked in a two-fold process wherein it is first baked and then dried out in a slow oven.  It is also a term used for a variety of small baked, flour-based food products commonly called either a “cookie” or a “cracker” and often referred to as “crackers”.

The history of biscuits goes a long way back in the days of old, when there was a growing need for a long-lasting nutritious, easy to store and carry foods for long journeys especially for sailors; such, the creation of flour and the introduction of baking provided a more reliable source of food.  Early bakers created the hardest biscuits possible which when kept dry and properly stored can be kept without spoiling for years; this has ever since become a staple food source for long voyages.  Since these biscuits are so hard and dry, eating would require these biscuits to be dunked in brine, coffee, beer or being cooked with other meals.  Biscuits remained an important part of a sailor’s diet until it was replaced by the introduction of canned foods.

While the early biscuits were hard, dry and unsweetened, soon enough bakers learned the secrets of enriching these bread-based mixtures and lightening them by using eggs, butter, cream and sweetening them with fruit and honey.  One of the earliest spiced biscuits made was the gingerbread biscuits, brought to Europe by the Armenian monk, Gregoire de Nicopolis in 992.

List of cookies

List of cookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, modern biscuits have so many varieties including sandwich-type biscuits made with a layer of cream, jam, chocolate, icing or other fillings spread between two biscuits; eaten as a snack food.  While other types of biscuits are considered digestive biscuits are often eaten with rich blend of tea; other biscuits or crackers are plainer and commonly eaten with cheese following a meal.  There are also biscuits which are a popular breakfast dish served covered in thick gravy usually accompanied with fries.

So, how would you fancy eating a biscuit today?

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. When I get tired, I would grab a biscuit because they give me energy to keep going.
  2. If I want biscuits, I have biscuits.
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There are two types of people in this world: one who opens a packet of biscuits, has one and puts the rest back in the cupboard, and one who eats the whole packet in one go.
~Jo Brand

Remember – A Snack – Not Just Baked Once, but Twice!




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