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A quick guide to catering for an event

Organising an event or function can be overwhelming for even the most experienced host. There’s usually so much needing to be organised and knowing what and how much food to prepare is one of the biggest challenges for anyone planning a do.

Outsourcing any of the event preparations you can is really a smart idea, and we’re always happy to help.

Our catering service is available to anyone in the Killarney Vale area. When your order is placed by 3pm the day prior to your event, we’ll be able to have your guests munching on a delightful selection of sandwiches, hot and cold nibbles, cakes, tarts and other scrumptious offerings.

We’re always asked about recommended quantities per head for events and so we’ve gathered together some quick guidelines . . .

The following suggestions provide a rule of thumb calculation when catering for an event or gathering. Of course, it should be expected some guests will eat more than the recommendations here, and then you will have guests who also eat less.

Ordering a precisely correct amount of food is never simple as there are many variables at play, but, hopefully, the following guidelines will be a useful starting point when planning your next function….

Menu Type and Suggested Quantity per Person

Beverages – 2 to 3 cups or drinks per person

Pastries – 1 to2 pieces per person

Snack items – 2 servings per person

Meals/Plated meals – 1 serving per person

Entree – 1 serving per person

Appetisers/Hors d’oeuvres – 2 to 4 pieces per person

Dessert – 1 to 1.5 serves per person

Of course, it’s essential to have an accurate guest count when planning your menu. An incorrect head count could well result in a mountain of leftovers or hungry guests, neither outcome desirable.

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. If you looking to host a successful event, consider outsourcing what you can. Catering is easily outsourced and we’d be happy to help.
  2. Give your guests ample time to RSVP and double check your head count when organising food and drink .
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Killarney Vale Bakery now.



I like the creativity of planning a party, or cooking and taking care of people, creating a memorable meal or event.
~ Martina McBride

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