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5 Tips and tricks for making the perfect cup of coffee

Coffee is a beverage that many of us struggle to get through a day without. Whether you need a cup first up to kick start your day, or like to relax with one after a meal there’s not much better than a great cup of coffee. That said, there’s not much worse than a bad cup, either!

It’s not always practical to satisfy your coffee cravings with a visit to our cafe, so learning to make a top quality cuppa at home is your next best bet. Here are 5 handy tips and tricks to help you perfect your coffee brew.



1. It’s not snobbery to bypass instant coffee and treat yourself to something better at home.

2. While coffee pod machines are all the rage and also easy to operate, you’re unlikely to receive your dream brew. Espresso machines are often priced similarly and well worth the investment.

3. Buy your coffee as beans rather than pre-ground. Flavour and aroma begin to fade after grinding, so it’s best to grind beans as close to using them as possible. If possible, source your beans from a cafe where you’ll know they’ve been stored properly.

4. Equipment should be carefully selected – purchase the best grinder you are able to, store beans and any grounded coffee in airtight containers and keep these clean as coffee is quite perishable.

5. If you filter your drinking water, then use filtered or purified water for brewing your coffee. You’ll notice the difference in taste.

The last point is not so much a tip or suggestion…. but take this as a strong recommendation – relax, sit and enjoy!

Well, that is quite simple really!


What should you do now?

  1. If you want to purchase a machine for brewing quality home coffee we’d recommend an espresso style over a pod machine .
  2. And then experiment with brands of beans and texture of grind until you discover your preferred coffee flavour .
  3. Want some help or ideas? Just contact us at Killarney Vale Bakery now.


Coffee is a langauge in itself.
~ Jackie Chan

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