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100 Great Breads – White Bread

 Bread making dates back to the early days of history, and as with so many things, was discovered by accident.

You can read more about bread making and the history of bread in these articles.


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100 Great Breads: Bread #1 – White Bread

By my guesstimates, my baby’s nap will last about 1 hr (if I am lucky, she is teething at the moment), which gives me enough time to mix and knead the dough before leaving it to rise.

If all goes to plan, this leaves the period the baby is awake (I am already annoyed with calling her ‘the baby’, so from now on she is M.D.), for the shaping and second prove, leaving the actual baking for M.D.’s afternoon nap. 100 Great Breads: Bread #1 – White Bread | Owen Rees


Kashmir Bread


Bread History



Perfect picnic: How to pack the perfect one

Picnic hamper full of food







As summer approaches, picnics fast become the dining mode of choice. But in a modern age when you can get almost anything pre-packaged, have we forgotten how to pack a perfect picnic?

“I think we have lost the art of picnics. The Victorians used to pack the most wonderful picnics. Perfect picnic: How to pack the perfect one – BBC News






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